Sunday, May 29, 2011

Loving Life

Loving Life

Walking in the field this morning down by the lake
With all these rambling dreaming voices keeping me awake
Restless is the word to use to tell you what I feel
a man struggling within himself to take hold of what is real

I'll take hold of what's real
Leave this wasteful fear behind
kiss my woman with abandon
and live these moments loving life

I don't think this old world has gone to hell
There's still good around and people who still care
When I ride out in the country with my dogs in my old truck
Folks still wave from their front porches and shake your hand when you pull up.

Let's take hold of what's real
Leave the wasteful fear behind
Kiss your woman with abandon
and live these moments loving life


These summer flowers make me think of all the men who have died
all the graves of those who gave their all so we can live our lives
Things are gonna be ok baby
Things are gonna be alright
you just watch and see...
Just stay with me..

Let's take hold of what's real
Leave this wasteful fear behind
Kiss each other with abandon
and live these moments loving life


Saturday, May 28, 2011

till the fragile chord breaks

the damnable thing of it all

is the wondering why not
always probing the mystery
so close
it is right there!
but then comes that horrid silence,
that seems to be the answer,
your answer...
to everything tried and skillfully rendered
the horrid silence.
the chore is to pray,
or to keep praying..
fingering the beads..
till this bewildered broken heart mends,
or till Camping finally gets it right...
or till the fragile chord breaks.


Friday, May 27, 2011

Faulkner and Forgiveness


the dogs are happy
waiting for me now
waiting to ride in the truck
to chase squirrels
coming home is like that
Mississippi love and longing
my woman
my son
a big mug of black coffee
a new song floating around in my head..
something about Faulkner and forgiveness
about to go now..
saddle the horses
let them stand while me and the dogs go on an adventure..
for them and me both.


Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Kind Review

Last night spent a nice evening with my pipe and listened to 'Sing About Something.' Love the sound,
a very nice pure country sound, reminded me of the cleanness of Willie Nelson's 'Red Headed Stranger.'
Excellent instrument line up, not cluttered like 99.99% of Nashville muzak these days.
Well done and thumbs up.

Barry McCain

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bobby Z!

Happy birthday Bob Dylan..
70 years old and still Knockin on Heaven's door..


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Still Here

"You feel like something's coming,
but it never does."--Bob Dylan

Preacher man Camping is confused
He's not a bad man,
he's simply using the bible incorrectly..
inventing numerical codes to make his costly predictions..
the only "code" in the bible is this:
We are made in His Image..
Free to choose..
He chooses to keep loving us...
His life, the cross,and an empty tomb paint this portrait for us..
we continue to choose..
He continues to forgive and knock on the hard door of our hearts.
one day by grace we will rise from the dead as He did,
and this world will be renewed..
this is the teaching of the Church..
beyond these ancient Apostolic doctrines...
we are simply guessing..
time to ride horses..


Thursday, May 19, 2011

A very cool review for my new album on ITUNES..

Customer Reviews

Solid album with dirt under its fingernails and the wind in its hair 

Keith is a versatile and prolific songwriter. His projects over the years have varied greatly, ranging from the etherial and existential, to the concrete and simple - but at his heart, he's Americana. This album embodies that probably better than anything he's ever recorded. "Sing About Something" is refreshingly classic, grounded in an old-country tradition that celebrates the inner monologue, personal redemption, and falling in love with women. Every man with a woman worth having can relate to "She Loves Me Anyway," even though the song is deeply personal to Keith. "The Horse I Used to Ride" is a slow waltz that belongs on the jukebox of every country bar that still has a code of conduct. "Strings" will make you want to rummage through the attic for that old heirloom you forgot years ago. "Till I See You Again" is a fitting bookend which progressives much like the album itself. Scott Spencer Partridge did a hell of a job producing this project and bringing Keith's vision to life. Enjoy this album with a good whiskey and a cigar.----Itunes Review

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


No matter where we go,
or who we meet..
there is the possibility for grace..
as is the possibility for no grace.
without grace we are monsters,
fallen angels of self love and conniving purpose..
but with grace we are little Jesus' caring for one another..
whether to the stranger or the enemy..
grace doesn't rejoice over an enemy when he dies..
though it loves justice..
it is a mystery
humility is the first fruit of grace..
Even Horses know this..


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Old Man River

William Faulkner called the Mississippi River "The Old Man"..
He wrote about the 1927 flood in a story with the same title..
The characters dealt with the upheaval of their lives and land..
The river was a slow moving meandering nightmare..
The Old Man is flowing once again into places he hasn't been in a long time.
Many folks will lose everything, slowly, eerily..
Fertile farm land will be ruined for years..
thousands of acres of cotton and soybean gone..
Homes destroyed..
keep these people in your prayers,
they have a long hard road in front of them.


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Bird of Paradise

"May the bird of paradise fly up your nose.."
I remember this song from when I was a kid,
Little Jimmy Dickens sang it..
it was about a guy oblivious to a homeless fellow,
a laundry mat manager,
and a taxi driver,
anyway, you have to listen to it..
but it was and is a very creative tune..
and a heck of a lot deeper than you would think..


Monday, May 9, 2011

Another Voice

I don't believe all these voices..
people on tv and radio full of fear and dread..
saying stuff about America going down the tubes,
Americans are a lot tougher than those folks realize..
People hate this guy and that guy..
democrats hate republicans
republicans hate democrats...
"Osama's not really dead!!"
"Show us the pictures!!"
The world is ending in a couple of weeks....
"Global warming!!"
"Buy gold!!"
You know what?
There is another voice in the midst of all this b.s...
there is a Shepherd's strong but kind voice..
He knows His own,
and His own know Him..
He says,
"Come to me all who are weary and heavy burdened,
I will give you rest."


Friday, May 6, 2011

Hitching Post

If gas prices keep going up,
horses might make a come back..
Hitching posts in front of Kroger..
Water troughs in front of the bank..
It would be alright with me..

Thursday, May 5, 2011


The ability to do the right thing is ours
To do good in the midst of temptation is ours
There is a line in a song by U2 I really like..
"I must be an acrobat,
to talk like this and act like that."
"The very thing I hate I do"..St. Paul
All through the history of man,
we battle within our own skin
It's the battle that will not end,
this battle within..
this must have something to do with why Jesus talked so much about peace..
about His peace that He offers that the world can't give..
Lord knows,
this is what we're all looking for..


Tuesday, May 3, 2011


If God allows me another dog in this life,
I think I will call him Harry..
it seems like a good name for a dog.
Had to have new heels put on my ropers,
I am bow legged and wear out the outside of my heels quickly..
from years of riding horses I guess..
I've only had these boots for a little over a month..
the cobbler put metal taps over the heel so they would not wear out..
now, I sound like a two legged shod horse walking down the sidewalk..
,, it takes some getting used to..
as we walked this past weekend in Oxford,
the smell of Honeysuckle overtook us..
I wonder if Bin Laden ever felt any guilt for killing so many folks..