Saturday, June 27, 2015

"Travelers" Produced by Phil Keaggy

Hello friends, it's been a while since I used this list for an email. I hope everyone is well. Peace and love. 

One morning a few years ago, I was sitting at Phil's kitchen table drinking green tea. I was finishing up a new lyric and I read it to him. He fetched a guitar and within about ten minutes the song A Little Bit Of Light entered the world. 

Not long after this, Phil produced my second album, Travelers. It has not been available digitally until now.  Please check it out. It was an amazing experience. Ken Lewis played drums and percussion. Ellen Crandle sang back up vocals on some of the tunes. Phil played guitars, bass, keyboards, etc... as only Phil can. I wrote these songs during a time of restlessness and curiosity. To quote Yeats, these songs came "Because a fire was in my head". It was the beginning of a journey that continues. 

You can hear it, and purchase here, if you like. 

Peace and love to all,