Sunday, February 28, 2010

the thorns of a rose bush

i have a friend who i care for deeply
soon i will tell him something
in the mean time,
i pray for his good, his well being, his hope,
in the mean time,
i carry a burden for him and offer up whatever i can,
for resolution and peace to come to him
the thorns of the rose bush
have no pity
on the hand that picks the rose
Lord Jesus, keep us in your hand..
me and my friend..


for J.J.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

simplicity of being together

the sun is bright this morning in Nashville
last night was a great time with friends
Salmon with capers
Greek salad with Vidalia onion dressing
baked walnuts
a single guitar passed around
new songs shared
old songs remembered
the simplicity of being together
and that being enough

Nashville Tn

for Susan and Aaron Miller

Friday, February 26, 2010

especially in love

doesn't life surprise us?
an email out of the blue,
someone calls you with info you are shocked by,
the early Fathers of the Church did not believe in coincidence
they were taught by the apostles,
who were taught by Jesus,
He only did what He saw the Father doing,
even when the thing that happens to us confuses us,
even when it might make those around us uncomfortable,
makes us uncomfortable,
we have to make a decision,
we have to take a step,
move forward in the light that has appeared
with humility,
in kindness,
but especially in love


Thursday, February 25, 2010

great comfort

G.K Chesterton said,
"The reason Angels can fly
is that they take themselves so lightly"
Augustan said,
"Love, then do what you will."
on days i focus more on loving others,
i spend less time worried
less time weighted down by my own stuff
when i laugh at myself
when i jeer at my relentless anxiety,
i live closer to the heart of Jesus
where He reminds me that i am His
my life is not my own
in this reality is great comfort


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

think about it

disappointment comes
suffering comes
in many facets
emotional, physical, spiritual
but for these 40 days we choose to walk out into the desert on our own
we choose to walk in the arid haunted places
and just like with Jesus our example,
the devil comes in our weakest moments
watch what he tried to do to Jesus
"if you do this you will have this" to paraphrase
diablo tries to make Jesus think only of Himself and His wants
he tries to turn us inward, get us caved in on ourselves
he promises to give us what he knows will distract our hearts
he is a liar
but Jesus didn't wouldn't let it be about himself
He kept it about His Father
He turned it around on the Tempter
satan wanted Jesus to turn His eyes inward on Himself
to think about what He wants, feels, sees,
but Jesus kept His focus on Abba
He only did and said what He saw and heard His Father doing
our example


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bread and Wine

if Jesus were sitting beside you now
if you looked over and He were there
what would you say?
i don't know
just imagining it silences my thoughts
the only word that comes to mind,
thank you
and maybe,
so the next time He is there before us
hidden in the bread and wine
i pray these words come to me
whispered with zeal and humility


Monday, February 22, 2010

oops.. here is the link to the new song..

wrote this for my lovely Renee..



Here is a tune i wrote for my sweet Renee.. maybe one day i will have a better way of recording these little videos., but such that it is..

Finding What we Must Find

i often think of Vincent Van Gogh during Lent
a troubled man moved by beauty
he tried to capture it as best he could
in many ways bringing to our tired eyes the vibrancy we take for granted
Vincent began his journey trying to share the gospel
he preached to the miners of the Borinage
a place no one else would go
he gave them his clothes, food, money
he went down into the mines with them
he suffered with them
the clergy who had sent him admonished him for living the way he was living
he was not a "good example of the society that sent him".
he told them he was only doing what he knew Jesus would do..
this led Vincent to leave the organized church
but he never left his belief in Jesus
he was no saint, but he always wrestled with the imago Dei
a confused soul, craving purpose for existence,
his anxiety grew over the years
but he never forgot the Jesus he believed in,
the one he learned more about from his Catholic friend and painter, Emile Bernard
you see this in his painting, The Starry Night",
the light represents the light of Christ shining in a suffering world
Lent is a time of self denial, alms giving, repentance,
and yet,
the light of Jesus is always our joy and hope as we live, move, and have our being
finding our redemption in the light of His love..


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mystery Train

we do not know where the road leads
we think we do
even railroad tracks are a mystery
the connection seems certain
the destination is before us
but what we find when we get there
is usually not where we were going
these 40 days are like that train
we climb aboard with confidence
with vigor
we comb our hair, wash our face
for our Lord tells us to while we fast
"don't let others see what is intended for your Father alone who sees in secret"
the tunnels are long
detachment is far down the tracks
spending more time lying prostrate before our captive God
it is a mystery train
it can't be anything else
full of shadows and light
the whistle sounds at every stop
signaling another hidden thought He wants us to let go of
perfect love casts out fear
come on perfect love,
find me on this mystery train!


Saturday, February 20, 2010

the blues of lent

everywhere plays the blues of lent
40 days in Mississippi
40 days in the Midwest
40 days in the Northeast
40 days in the West
40 days in Texas
40 days in Poland
40 days in New Jersey
40 days wherever you're going
everywhere plays the blues of Lent
sing it with me
hungry for sirloin and chocolate
reaching in our pockets giving what we got
detachment sweet and rough is the ride
but look up there to where we're going
36 days away
keep climbing up that hill far away
Golgotha in every soul
sing it with me
"Lord help us die"


Friday, February 19, 2010

bread from a stone (new)

he died on a friday
my old man did too
i sat in front of the Tabernacle yesterday
as silent as a tomb
he didn't open his mouth
my dad was a quiet man
i sat in silence with my hat in hand
waiting for the Spirit to move
why is this on my heart
death and memory,
redemption and fear
40 days in the desert alone
bread from a stone
sounds pretty good 'round here



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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Renee's page

Many have emailed me that it is hard to read the text on Renee's page.. we are going to do some work on it this weekend and get it perfect..

thanks for your patience,



Lent is a beautiful time
detachment is the goal
every saint will attest to this
giving up something
focusing on our spiritual life
prayer intensifies
self reflection is based in Christ reflection
dying to things
giving money, time, goods
Lent is a beautiful time
a time that by God's grace,
becomes a year round reality


Wednesday, February 17, 2010


"ashes ashes we all fall down"
i drove to my mom's house in central Mississippi yesterday
sometimes there is nothing better than rolling down the road
it clears the head
Jack went with me
he is a great travel dog
my mom has been having a rough go at it
she is getting on up there in years
i enjoyed the time with her
we ate tex-mex at a new place in her little town
it was very good, surprisingly good
as i was driving back i was simply thankful
i said a simple "thanks" to Jesus,
for my mother who has had a very tumultuous life
for the winter sunshine
for my dog
for the time to drive down the road
in this winter landscape of central and north Mississippi

Ash Wed..

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

May i introduce to you...

My lovely wife Renee', my best friend in the journey, has starting making rosaries! The first few are available at . She is making them from scratch, finding materials in different places and always searching for the most unique medals and crucifix's. She will put them on the site as she finishes them. If you are interested in one that has already sold, you may order one based on color for the same price. The medals and crucifix will always vary, making every rosary unique.


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peace of Jesus,

Monday, February 15, 2010

you know what i mean

there are days
there are days
you know what i mean
there are days
you know what i mean

hard to trust
hard to trust
you know what i mean
hard to trust
you know what i mean

it's a puzzle
it's a riddle
it's more than a dream that won't come true
it's more than a phone that never rings
it's a face in the mirror but it ain't you

hard to feel
hard to feel
you know what i mean
hard to feel
you know what i mean

she walks beside me
she still holds  me
always the angel
as from the start

but i see a sadness
i see a worry
in those gorgeous green eyes
that breaks my heart

i walked out in the field
in my imagination
it was warm and the brown weeds were tall
it's where i used to go
to deal with those days
to pray and find strength to hang on

there are days
there are days
you know what i mean
there are days

you know what i mean


Sunday, February 14, 2010

New addition to the site..

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dark chocolate

dark chocolate with orange sprinkes
a ride in the country together taking pictures
a card with a poem, the 24th one to date
she's received one on all of our valentines days
we walked in the park with our little dog Jack
the wind so cold but it was at our back
scarfs, hoods, boots and a cowboy hat
it really doesn't get much better than that
Happy V day to all..

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Cisco and Texas

one of the greatest joys for me in this life
has been working with horses
i grew up around Quarter Horses
i will always be thankful for the time i have been able to spend around them
they are incredible animals
there is one thing you learn about these majestic creatures
they never tell a lie
they are true in all they do
when i would start a young horse, or break a young horse,
i spent the first few days asking him or her to trust me
kind of like God does with us over and over again
kindness gets the best response
once they give you their trust
it's pretty simple from then on
i always took it slow and easy
spoke with a low gentle voice
there is no explaining the feeling of a young horse deciding you are trustworthy
if you don't betray that trust,
the horse will do anything for you
this picture with today's musing is of two horses i broke and trained
Cisco and Texas
they were ours until last spring
until we had to sell the farm
they have a great home close by
sometimes i go by there and just watch them
if they see me,
they come running


Friday, February 12, 2010

I miss New Mexico Today

i miss New Mexico today
riding horseback just before dawn
in the cool of the desert
30 miles east of Santa Fe
in the middle of the most barren land i have ever seen
no cars, buildings, power lines, people,
nothing but sage brush, sand, cactus, rock
our destination was an oasis
the horses walked leisurely through dry arroyos that snaked along a valley
mountain lion prints in the sand
jet black ravens cawing at us then moving on
the colors in the desert are breathtaking
the morning has shades of red, yellow, gold, blue, green
i can't explain it
the horse's breath rose visible in those colors
mingling with mine as we made our way
i miss my friend who rode a sorrel a few feet ahead of me
the horse i rode was the color of an Oreo cookie
i called him Gus
the desert is enchanting all day and night
for some reason i feel closer to God there
the distractions are fewer
the sparse land lends itself to a cleaner and clearer thought
somehow easier to clear the mind
as the sun rose it began to warm up quickly
we rode up and over some cliffs
the shades of brown and rust all around us that is desert
then we saw the oasis
lush green weeds, wildflowers, yellow, purple, red, small trees
i assumed there must be a major water source for this to occur
we rode down into this lush green valley
the water source was only a small drip from under some rocks
no more than a kitchen faucet left slightly on
i miss New Mexico today,
and my friend.

for Robyn Miller

Thursday, February 11, 2010

40 days

i never know what i am going to write
this morning i am sitting here with my dog Jack
drinking a cup of strong black coffee
the silence is a dear friend
someone asked me last night what i am giving up for lent
i think i am going to give up writing these daily meditations
for 40 days
i told him i am going to add something too
spend at least 20 minutes a day before the Tabernacle
just listening
just being with Him
try to empty my head
get out of the way
dig deeper into the mystery
with God's help
living in the liberty of embracing that i am a sinner in need of saving
that i can't do any of this on my own
if i try to do it on my own,
it becomes about me
and that is the most boring thing on this earth it could be about..


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I apologize

Hundreds have emailed me saying the link I gave doesn't work.. here is the correct link

Thank you so much for the many who have ordered CD's today!!!!! God bless you..


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God Always Had Mary on His Mind (Video)

Here is another tune that will be on the next record, (Lord willing i get to do it).  This is one of those songs that only comes along once in a blue moon. It was inspired by Fr. John Corapi and Fr. Robert Barron, and hopefully by Theotokos. ( if any of you know Fr. Corapi, please send this to him.)

If you could have made your mother
would she had been free from sin?
would she had been pure
would she had been perfect
would she had been holy my friend?

Well God made Mary to carry the Lord
He knew from the moment Eve polluted her soul
that to crush the snakes head would take some time
but God always had Mary on His Mind.

Mary sat in her room one Nazareth morn
wiping the sleep from her eyes
she heard the wind blowing
it grew hard and strong
like a storm coming over the rise

then as silent as God
the wind ceased to howl
it was quiet in her poor humble room
 an angel appeared with fire in his eyes
he spoke peace as the young lady swooned

Hail favored one, full of grace
the Lord is with thee always
Your chosen to bring Him into this world
tell me fair Lady, what do you say?

Let it be done
Let it be done
according to what you have said
I'm the maidservant of Yahweh dear Gabriel
though a virgin i will carry His Son

Elizabeth Elizabeth knew Mary was there
before Mary came through the door
John the Baptizer leaped in her womb
she cried how is it that the mother of my Lord?

How is it that the mother of my Lord
has come to serve me this fine day?
Blessed are you among women
You will be called blessed always

Mary pondered these things in her heart
then she sang a song of praise
a magnificent song of salvation come
to the world through a lowly slave

If you could have made your mother
would she had been free from sin?
would she had been pure
would she had been perfect
would she had been holy my friend?

Well God made Mary to carry the Lord
He knew from the moment Eve polluted her soul
that to crush the snakes head would take some time
but God always had Mary on His Mind.



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it will not sink

the sea is symbolic of our journey
our journey to the Beatific vision
beautiful, frightening, deep, and mysterious
some days it is dark
we feel sick
other days it is crystal clear
indigo blue
restful and smooth
like sailing on beautiful glass
we feel confident and have very little anxiety
the Church is the boat
barnacles and all
it will not sink
it may be attacked from without and within
but it will not sink
even if it seems Jesus is asleep in the stern
as we cry out,
afraid we will parish,
we know when He wakes
He's going to ask us where our faith is...
i often have to admit,
"i don't know where it is Lord"
and once again,
He helps me find it.


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Run Down (Video)

Here is another new tune, i did it this morning, it was cold..

the miners, The Vincent Van Gogh Blues

i came here to help the poor
i thought Jesus would have done the same
and though i'm no longer so sure
the miners know why i came

i preached my first sermon
on a Sunday in May
well before the sun rose
for the miners on their way

into the mines they go
it must be what hell looks like
so dark is the coal
into the dark all day long
where they cough and spit up blood
even those who are young

i gave them my clothes
it's what Jesus would do
i gave them my money
i gave them my food

but the preachers back home
told me i wasn't right
that i needed to look good
and stand proud in the light

into the mines they go
it must be what hell looks like
so dark is the coal
into the dark all day long
where they cough and spit up blood
even those who are young

they made me stop preaching
told me to leave this dark land
so i gave all i had left
to a woman and man

i'm painting a portrait
of the family i knew
their humility and dignity
stay with me wherever i go

into the mines they go
it must be what hell looks like
so dark is the coal
into the dark all day long
where they cough and spit up blood
even those who are young

for Jeff Cavins and Vincent Van Gogh

Monday, February 8, 2010

A Few Walks in the Rain (video)

"When you lose someone that you love..." i wrote this recently for the new album i hope record in March. All of these new You Tube songs are for that album, Lord Willing. I wanted to do something different and put them out there before i record them.. i hope y'all like the tunes.. i had this hat made out in Santa Fe, New Mexico 10 years ago.. i don't usually wear it that much when i do my shows or videos cause of all the Nashville wanna-be cowboys in the music business wearing hats..but i have been wearing them my whole life.. i felt like putting it on for this tune.. what the heck, oh yea, at the very end of the video you can hear my wife say something, she is so cute..

Dream Girl

Who Dat?! (corrected)

the Saints won
i can't believe it
i grew up a Saints fan
first NFL game i ever saw i was 13
they lost to the Falcons
i remember Bourbon St. after the game
i had my first
if you live in Mississippi
you're a Who Dat citizen
especially if you grow up in central or south Mississippi
Wes and i saw them whip the Giants this year
we left the Superdome confident they would make the playoffs
hoping they might make it all the way
we walked around the French Quarter till midnight
i would have liked to had been there last night
bet it was crazy
my favorite place in New Orleans is the Cathedral,
the St.Louis Cathedral is incredible
an oasis of beauty and quiet in the carnival that is New Orleans
the Saints won..
as one announcer said,
"hell must be frozen over"


Sunday, February 7, 2010


true religion

true religion
according to Jesus
is to care for widows and orphans
religion has become a bad word in our time
the definition of religion:
"a specific fundamental set of beliefs and practices generally agreed upon by a number of persons
i used to say,
"i'm not religious, i'm spiritual"
what a self seeking goober
one thing we as believers in Jesus must have is a "specific fundamental set of beliefs"

all who walk in the religion of Jesus,
hold fast to the Apostles Creed,
a creed dating back in some cases to 180 A.D.
attributed to the 12 apostles, 12 lines of truth given by the men who hung with Jesus,
protected, passed down by the Church
the basic understanding of being a Christian
people who say they are Christian because they believe the bible are being incredibly vague
the bible says to cut off your hand, pluck out your eye,
that God is a bird, women should not speak in public, dance naked before the Lord in front of the assembly,
hate your parents, hate your children, etc.. 
it says a lot of things that without the guidance of the Church through the Holy Spirit,
are simply confusing, misleading, and at times bizarre
the creed is where we begin
without the creed, we become "spiritual" and eventually go rogue
and when someone takes a line out of the creed they don't like,
they are no longer apostolic in the understanding of Christianity
"rolling downhill like a snowball headed to hell.." --Merle Haggard
without accountability, without authority
no unity, no direction home
, leading others astray
i watched a show last night about religions of the world
a Catholic priest in Uganda talked about Muslim and Catholics making candy for orphaned children
Muslims passing it out on Ramadan to Catholic children
Catholics passing it out at Christmas to Muslim children
grace abounded
for a moment
laughter replaced murmuring

i guess Jesus knew what He was talking about..

for Richard Grant
and Glenn Heard, two of my dearest friends

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Dante's Blues 2 (One more Time)

the ladder to heaven
is covered with angels
there ain't no room
for us sinners to climb

i walked out tonight
in the cold dark wood
and cried out to God
one more time

one more time one more time
it's happening again
bruised and beaten
by an idiot wind

one more time one more time
strange words on my tongue
a wandering gypsy
have you heard the songs i have sung?

if you're wired for understanding
 logical and even
then you'll wonder what i mean,
why i'm out here freezin

we all see the struggle with different eyes
we all find our knees under different skies
when hope leaves a bitter taste in the mouth
red wine changed to blood is all i care about

one more time one more time
it's happening again
weathered and worn
by the howlin wind

one more time one more time
can't evade the beasts of pride
where are you Virgil?
one more time one more time

through 9 kinds of hell
to my love and i
who will carry me over
to the other side?

the ladder to heaven
is covered with angels
there ain't no room
for us sinners to climb


for Dante'

Friday, February 5, 2010

Beloved T-Shirts

The new Beloved T-Shirts are really beautiful.. Dave Marshall designed them and they were a big hit in California. Please pass this on to anyone you might think would want to wear one.. i appreciate it..

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every bit of it

i drive an old 4-wheel drive Toyota pick up
it has 169,000 miles on it
mine has never accelerated on its own
nor stopped on its own
so far
the 10 baptist missionaries could go to prison in Haiti
they seem to have gone there to help children
to help children who were suffering
it looks like they should have gone about it with a bit more wisdom and planning,
but now, they are facing prison, in Haiti?
i hope our leader will investigate and speak up for these folks if they are truly innocent of foul play..
"corpsman" is pronounced thus, sounds like coreman...
the economy seems to be more ill today than yesterday
the rain continues falling here
did something to my back yesterday
up all night
still pretty dang painful
offer it up!
"I done got old, can't do the things i used to do, cause i'm an old man..."--Junior Kimbrough, (north Mississippi blues man)
(watch Buddy Guy sing this song
found out yesterday a guy i had met a few times in Nashville died of a heart attack three days ago
walking in a park
a fairly young guy
"it's a crazy deal"-- Buzz Stone
everything is grace
every bit of it..

wkm ( fellow Wayfarer)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

money and tents

as a man,
Jesus knew the importance of money
He even knew how to get money from a fishes mouth
wish i could do that
hard to find a good job these days
to keep one
love one..
hate the other
can't serve both God and mammon
but "ya gotta serve somebody"--bob dylan
take care of the family
plan for the future
vocation has nothing to do with it
vocation is the same for every baptized human
whether dentist or dictator
work is a beautiful thing
i called a priest last night
a kind man of God
a practical man of God
he spoke wisdom
"Paul made tents in order to preach the truth of Jesus"
(he never held a "praise-a-thon")
but he was single
this life is about doing the right thing
the good thing
not always the crazy, pounding your head against the wall thing,
not always following the shadowy gift
St. Paul never said anything about following dreams
but he did talk about using  gifts for the glory of God
could it be that our American Christianity has turned gifting into Idol worship?
poets have no place
but good looking singers selling products thank God all the time
maybe they should be thanking the devil too
i have failed at this
stumbled through it
kicked against it
been confused by it
my wife has been through so much with me
supported me
how she finds grace to forgive my failed attempts at making a living with poetry and song
baffles me
as i stare at the sun
at the moon
put my shoulder to the wheel
try over and again to die to this hope
catch these birds flying around my head
walk the high wire
confounded and troubled
this gift, this ego, vision
this battle of what to do with what ya got..
it would be helpful if it met daily needs,
i wonder if Paul ever had trouble selling the tents he made?


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Last Night in Oxford

Last night in Oxford..

Love is Enough

love is enough
i don't know what the heck is going on
another alarm clock morning
tossed out the window when it went off
infiltrated by too many thoughts
till i saw this painting  by a friend
brought my heart to the inner alter
calmed my crazy fears within

painting by Dave Marshall

Love is Enough

love is enough
i don't know what the heck is going on
another alarm clock morning
tossed out the window when it went off
infiltrated by too many thoughts
till i saw this painting  by a friend
brought my heart to the inner alter
calmed my crazy fears within

painting by Dave Marshall

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


in every good marriage
in every good friendship
in every creative expression
there is tension
without tension
there is complacency
all of the Saints write about this
the inner struggle to live in the liberty offered by our Beloved
the fight within to live a metanoia driven life
to daily see things the way He sees them
there are two great characteristics of every Saint
1. they know they are a sinner
2. they live and long for detached lives
Jesus was so detached from the things of this world,
He could love this world with beautiful abandon
His example led St. Paul to the tension of whether to die and be with the Lord,
or stay here and help others stay close to the Lord
St. Paul's tension was internal
"the very thing i hate i do, the thing i want to do i don't do"
when i was in California i met some nuns
when you meet nuns who love the Beloved
who love the Church,
this tension is tangible and beautiful
their humility and joy is contagious
i have a long way to go..
for Christina Fleury


Monday, February 1, 2010

New rough Video

Here is a new tune for the new album i hope to record in March. I was standing outside of an auto repair shop on the San Bernadino HWY.. in San Bernadino CA waiting for the folks i was riding with. It cuts off just before the end of the last chorus for some reason, but my son Wes insited I put in on You Tube anyway.. i like the wind and the cars going by....very organic. It's called "The Golden Days".. hope you like it.

One Head

unity was so important to the early church Fathers
to St. Paul
to St. Peter
to Jesus
it means nothing to Christians today
so many claim Jesus today
33,000 denominations
untold numbers of non-denominations (whatever that is)
but on the issue of abortion we are coming together
a very influential evangelical protestant speaker stood up at the Walk for Life
he had incredible charisma and passion for the unborn
he spoke with great elegance
he said,
"Thank you Catholics for never watering down the issue of life!"
"Thank you Catholics for leading the way in this the most fundamental issue of humanity,
"I don't know why it has taken so many protestant denominations so long to join in!"
"why it took me so long.."
"Thank you!"
why has it taken babies being killed for Christians to put aside 500 years of stupidity?
we have to wake up and seek the heart of Jesus
we have to listen to His words as a whole and not out of context
we have to read the early Church Fathers and step into the deeper waters 
the world doesn't know Jesus because we don't love one another
it is scary
Jesus only has one head, not 33,000 plus heads.
 John 17
Oxford MS