Thursday, October 8, 2015

Drink It Up.

Come over here.
To the other side of the lake.
Where we dabble in mystery.
Where shadows are eternal.
Music is Celtic, and fiddles cry.
The animals are with us.
The hippies make us wonder.
St. Francis.
The Pope is with us.
Buddha is with us.
Jesus has long hair and is homeless.
No one has a gun.
Everyone eats French cheese.
Children are cared for,
from conception till death.
We smoke.
We dream.
We help each other.
We grow our food.
We are boring.
We celebrate the morning.
We hurt each other.
We are narcissist.
We love unconditionally.
Water flows into our cup.
It is miraculously turned into wine.
The wine is God's blood.
Drink it up.

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